Book Club

Are you ready to up-level and step into your highest self?

This book club is for the Spirit Junkies, the Soul Seekers, the Heart Conscious, the Lightworkers,

anyone ready to step into their true power and serve their soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Stop wishing for happiness, fulfillment, and success, take it!

Join us today for only $3.33/month

The smallest investment you’ll ever have to make, to become your best self.

We begin at the new moon, September 20, 2017, with Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Order your copy here:

Discussions will be through Zoom, every other week.

They will be recorded in case you cannot make it live.

However, for those who do make it live, depending on the topic, we’ll be doing more than just discussing the book!

And, giveaways are highly likely!!!

The discussion schedule will be emailed to you when you sign up.